Who Sang Sleestak Lightning? Clutch

Clutch Strange Cousins From the West cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster, Neil Fallon, Richard Timothy Sult
Release Date: 2009-7-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Stoner Rock
length: 3:47
writer: Clutch
I send pictures through the mail
Well documented and very detailed
To politicians and big celebrities,
But none of them are believing in me
And I await their response
Some send none, most send cops
But man it's a dire situation
And I will risk the public humiliation

Sleestak lightning on my trail
It's a dire situation, they are on my trail

West Virginia has its Moth Man,
Pan handlers' got their Skunk Ape.
But I have a tazer and night vision goggles,
Costco rolls of black duct tape.
It's got red eyes, it's got razor claws,
It's got green skin, no it ain't a meth-head.
And after studying its behavior, objectively and critically,
I believe I have a reliable method.

CD 1
  • 1 Motherless Child
  • 2 Struck Down
  • 3 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
  • 4 Abraham Lincoln
  • 5 Minotaur
  • 6 The Amazing Kreskin
  • 7 Witchdoctor
  • 8 Let a Poor Man Be
  • 9 Freakonomics
  • 10 Algo ha cambiado
  • 11 Sleestak Lightning