Who Sang For The Last Time? Codename: Rocky

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length: 3:02
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Digging my own grave for the last time
Makes me think that things could be easy.
A cemetery were broken hearts go....I don't want to go
I'm solo on this crowded night.
Once I'm done I'll be all right.
The fields don't bloom,
They've stayed the same for years.

Do you think it makes a difference,
A difference that I want and need?
Or do you think I'm lost, stuck inside?
It's time without a doubt,
Before the time I've got runs out,
For the last time...

One more thing to say, is that I'm never going back.
Another thought I've thrown away just leads me to recap.
Either way, I've got to say, there's nothing left to lose
I think I'm on your mind,
Cause I see it in your eyes

I've said it for the last time,
Torn apart now for the last time,
I can't wait for another day
to ease the pain.

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    script: Latin