Who Sang Diana (House)? Collage

Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Electronic
Style: Freestyle/Electro
length: 4:36
I can't forget the times we shared
My body, my mind, my soul, won't let go
Of the way you showed you cared
Who could have blamed me
How was I to know
I'd hold you close and never let you go
Feelings overflow and I know
I'll find my way back to you

Diana, I have been wanting you so long
This kind of love it can't be wrong
Diana, I need you more and more
This love will last forever
Repeat (1x)

I spend day and night
Just thinking of you, Just thinking of you
And living without your love is the hardest thing
I've ever had to do
I can't seem to forget all the memories
Pictures of your face keep haunting me
I found love the way it's supposed to be
When I held you in my arms

Chorus (2x)

CD 1
  • 1 I'll Be Loving You
  • 2 Gangster In Love
  • 3 Tell Me Boy/Tell Me Girl
  • 4 Angel
  • 5 Diana
  • 6 Cheap Thrills
  • 7 From Here to Eternity
  • 8 Here We Go Again
  • 9 Diana (House)
  • 10 Tell Me Boy/Tell Me Girl (House)
  • 11 Gangster In Love (Street)