Who Sang Hey Girl? Colors

Colors Falling In cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-9-14
length: 4:48
She’s starring down the doorway
I look up she looks my way and with my eyes
I see there’s gotta be some kind of way
But she says nothing and that’s all she has to say
I wish I could make it black and white like day
And night that’s all she understands
But it’s not about a picture, not a picture
It’s the opening of these two hands

Hey girl hey girl you don’t wanna live your life alone
Hey girl hey girl you gotta find something on your own
If you find what you find brings you sorrow
We’re gonna think about things tomorrow

What she hasn’t told me I already know
And everything she’s holding she should have shown
And I say something like “I can’t take this anymore”
And she said just to let her be

Is there anything you wanna say? I say to her
Is there something I can do?” cuz about the time
Both our feet are gonna hit the floor
That’s when I’m gonna be free

  • 1 Time On Her Hands
  • 2 One & Nothin'
  • 3 JALS
  • 4 Ashes
  • 5 I'll Follow You
  • 6 Hey Girl
  • 7 For Life
  • 8 Wedding Song
  • 9 11:20
  • 10 Runaway
  • 11 Love Set Me Free (piano)