Who Sang Wrong Side? Come

Come Don't Ask Don't Tell cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-10-1
length: 4:46

On the wrong side
Leaning over
Don't breathe on my back x2

Falling angels
Don't leave this house
Unless they're heading south x2

All of the patients
Got up from the tables
And put on their watches
And looked at the time
And told me
"Don't you worry" x8

Never left me
When I heard things
When I felt the hand x2

Falling birds
Are all around us
They're landing on our house
But we don't go out

All of the saints
Got up from the table
Got under the table
And spread out their skirts
And they told me
"Don't you worry" x8

CD 1
  • 1 Finish Line
  • 2 Mercury Falls
  • 3 Yr Reign
  • 4 Poison
  • 5 Let's Get Lost
  • 6 String
  • 7 German Song
  • 8 In / Out
  • 9 Wrong Side
  • 10 Arrive