Who Sang In the End...? Complete Control

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Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
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And in the end...

And in the end for the grief that I receive
I thank m enemies (in the end)
A short life I wish for you all (in the end)
My strength for when we meet
So that I accept defeat (in the end)
I'm going to murder us all
And in the end...
I won't remember your names...
And in the end I'll find a way
And in the end
They'll tell us what we need
And everything they wanna see (in the end)
They glare will stare at them all (in the end)
They'll find out what they know
We'll be there for their fall (in the end)
Existence isn't profane at all

And in the end...
We won't remember your names...
And in the end we'll find a way

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