Who Sang Represent? Compton’s Most Wanted

Compton’s Most Wanted Represent cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-11-21
length: 2:31

[Tha Chill]
Yeah, Nigga
We bout to murder motherfuckers
C-M-Dub represent!

We on point like a needle
[?]In cock-locked[?]
I’m still bangin’ with my people (nigga)
So check the sequel
It’s the return of the C-M-Dub
And niggas that know us from the past know that it ain’t no love
Only my motherfuckin’ G’z I can really trust
Been in the game kickin’ up dust for ten year plus
And we still…
A nigga looking for that big break
Greedy as ever, on the grind, looking for shit to take!

[Verse2: MC Eiht]

I'm psycho, afro, indo, hardcore
Tip a lolo
Pack a fofo
Realistic I twinch like mystic
And any battle baby you gon' be a statistic
Attitude fairly fucked up you missed it
All in togheter now like Limp Bizkit
Nigga I testify
My slang don't lie
Seen the white of his eye
Let my first shell fly
His body hit the payment
Face flat
Like that, need a medical stab and that's that
Ya'll niggas, better get'cha game tight
Murder all whack niggas is my last right
Last night
Caught 'em slippin' on the dark part of town
You freeze
On your knees
But make it please
You don't wanna play around with me
Like Lil' Cease
Kill and dispose my enemys
For the athoritys tryna squash my aliby
I was back in the pad
With the homies gettin' high
Don't even try
Your set up was weak
The phone tap never speak, the info won't leak

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 This Is Compton 2000
  • 3 Some May Know
  • 4 Get Money
  • 5 What U Like It Like
  • 6 100%
  • 7 Then U Gone
  • 8 All Around The Hood
  • 9 Endolude
  • 10 Them Niggaz
  • 11 So Don't Go There
  • 12 Represent
  • 13 Like Me
  • 14 Pull The Trigger
  • 15 Slang My Keys
  • 16 Front Page