Who Sang Milord? Connie Francis

Connie Francis Sings The All Time International Hits cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1965
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
length: 2:19
Allez venez, Milord - vous asseoir à ma table
Il fait si froid dehors - ici, c'est confortable
Laissez-vous faire, Milord, et prenez bien vos aises
Vos peines sur mon coeur et vos pieds sur une chaise
Je vous connais, Milord, vous ne m'avez jamais vue
Je ne suis qu'une fille du port, une ombre de la rue

Come on, get wise, Milord, her lips tell lies, Milord
The girl that you adored has found some other guy
She just got bored, Milord, now you're ignored, Milord
Deep down inside your pride won't let you say goodbye
So let her go, Milord, relax, be smart
'Cause you know she'll only break your heart

Come on get mad, Milord, life's not so bad, Milord
The charms of other arms can make your heart forget
Don't count the cost, Milord, let her get lost, Milord
One memory can beat a lifetime of regret
Come on get hit, Milord, and let life rest Milord
Be sure there's plenty more of lovin' to be done

There's chicks to meet, Milord, with lips so sweet, Milord
And hearts to make and break before the race is run
So hit the town, Milord, come on and be my guest
We'll turn it upside down and may devil take the rest
Upside down and may devil take the rest
Upside down and may devil take the rest

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