Who Sang Hypocrisy? Conquering Lion

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Release Date: 2009-10-31
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So much hypocrisy in this small city
People hatch conspiracy with full steam
On these streets you can hear lies for you
But this s*** isn't just for you
People talk s*** for their best friends
People talk s*** even for the rest
But, I don't care what the people say for me
No, I don't care what they want me to be
Hypocrisy destroys our selves (Hypocrisy...)
Hypocrisy destroys our grace (Hypocrisy...)
Hypocrisy destroys our soul (Hypocrisy...)
Hypocrisy destroys the world
Hypocrisy is slowly destroying this town
But, I don't want you to feel it on your own
'Cause there are people who reproduce this
To kill the love, the Irieness and the peace
Those bad beings are more then us
We will change them in the name of Ras
Today we have to take control in our hands
To save this world from this s*** talkers

I know that we have found the solution
To clean their souls from this pollution
That people shall see their selves in a looking glass
To stop talk s*** behind our backs
I've cleaned my soul with the holy herb
And now I'm ready to give you some help
'Cause I'm ready to help you to change
For brighter world, not for revenge

CD 1
  • 1 Holy Zion
  • 2 Free The World
  • 3 Jah Love
  • 4 Blind
  • 5 Hypocrisy
  • 6 Irie Day
  • 7 Money Pollution
  • 8 Tribal Freedom
  • 9 Re-Socialize
  • 10 Reality

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    label: PMG Recordings
    country(area): Macedonia
    format: CD