Construcdead - Metamorphosia 歌詞

ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Thrash/Death Metal
length: 5:06
Come on down, descend beneath the bed of rotting leaves,
sink past the boundaries of mortality.
Entwine with images stored deep inside your mind,
be one with the earth that bred you.

This is Metamorphosia, this is where we change.
Feel the intoxication as we shed our shells.
Time to change, to shed or shells, to forget about ourselves.

Welcome down, we are all equals here. I'll exhale so you can draw
another breath. A million eyes stare deep into your mind as you
smile to greet the insect.
Such a sight silken chrysalides pregnant with writhing larvae.
Come close, lean in, the line wears thin
between your dreams and insanity.


It's such a small step, and I've got such sights to show you.
Come on down and forget about the rest.

No disgrace, no second place, no individual, deviant face.
There's no more hate, nor right or wrong, come join us and we well be as one.

Why stand alone when you can write in pleasure together with a thousand
More of a kind that knows no condemnation, just life and death in an even
Score? It's all here, the answers that you've searched for, just beyond your
Short sighted gaze. It's all here and so much more, so why don't you
Come inside? Step inside.


It's such a small step, and I've got such sights to show you. Come on
Down and forget about the rest, because soon they will be at one with you.
I am your insect slave, enter my hive. Honey like golden rain drips from above.
Trails of secretion will lead you the way to the womb of decay, the heart of my
Maze. Sunlight reflected through membranous wings paints the strangest
Rainbow you've ever seen. Row upon row of white silk chrysalides invite you to
Join their ranks, to lay down and alter in time. As you change. As we change.

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