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Release Date: 2011-7-19
length: 3:24

[Verse 1 - Jam Baxter]
What's more horrific.. The stuff were snorting
Or the thoughts of him and you every f****** morning?
See were all a bit confused but im done with talking
When you're calling me I'm caught within your sorcery and coming crawlin'
We were more than a rush of one endorphin
More than just some gushing love muscle pouring
More than a drug huffing rough couple caught in
A blood bubble sprawled a mud puddle snoring
She was life itself as far as I could tell
I'd find myself in her eyes and my spine would melt
So I held her like the ravages of drug addiction
And I held her when my sanity was f****** slippin'
Like f*** I didn't love her like I loved to spit a grubby written
Son I'm just a sucker for a dumb decision
Have you ever held a hand grenade for too long
And sat awake fanning flames in your room, cough coughin on a mass of
Grey fumes tryna move on, standin in the acid rain drowning
Cause you gone see love will have you itching at a gaping wound
Scribblin' and makin tunes about the chick that crippled and disabled you
And shoutin' in the mirror til' your face is blue
Countin' all your littlest mistakes and I made a few
Thousand a few powders a few downers down the line and she lowed it right and that's love
Man f*** this love s***..
And I wish I'd never fallen innit, wish I'd never bought my ticket into
Getting more committed, into getting torn to bits and into getting
Tortured with it, wish I'd never fallen innit, fallen innit, fallen innit

[Verse 2 - Jam Baxter]
What's more horrific.. the images of him and you
Or sitting in this mess of mine clinging to the bitter view
This is the second time I've written this specific tune
The first one was dripping in the misery of missing you
I tore it up but this ones turnin' out identical
Thoughts of us cause a rush turning out the ventricles
Circled round with chemicals, tried squirming out ya tenticles
Man a dozen times I must of tried burning down your pedestal but
I can't hate you as much as id love to
I love you it's f***** up this is what it's come to
So bruv f*** tough love loves tough, tough luck its done baxter..
You've done lost her to some w*****
I run back to the skunk and the Lung cancer
Man I had enough of yats and enough of anger
I finished writing but there's nothing left to say
But this dutty serenade on another messy day

I don't care you little slag you're going out

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  • Release information
    label: High Focus Records
    country(area): Australia
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin