Who Sang Ever Since You Went Away? Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty Country Boy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 2:08
And they try to tell me time will heal my broken heart
Every since you went away
And left me all alone and blue
My broken heart has had to pay
Because it loved and worshiped you
So darling if I only knew
If it meant that we are far apart
My friends say you will never be true
And they try to tell me how to heal my broken heart
The chimes of time are ringing on
And though we're many miles apart
I realize that you've been gone
That time can heal my broken heart

I played the game of love and lost
You never loved me from the start
You won so I must pay the cost
Yes they try to tell me time will heal my broken heart

CD 1
  • 1 Big Town
  • 2 Blue Is the Way I Feel
  • 3 Born to Sing the Blues
  • 4 Crazy Dreams
  • 5 Ever Since You Went Away
  • 6 Have I Been Away Too Long?
  • 7 I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
  • 8 Let Me Be the Judge
  • 9 Sitting in a Dim Cafe
  • 10 The Road That I Walk
  • 11 Treat Me Mean, Treat Me Cruel
  • 12 Turn the Other Cheek
  • 13 Where I Stand
  • 14 You Made Me What I Am
  • 15 Give Me Some Lovin'
  • 16 Just in Time
  • 17 Rockhouse