Crooked Lines Lyrics - Corrinne May

Corrinne May Crooked Lines cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-13
length: 4:42
phonographic copyright by: Corrinne May

My daughter tries to draw a butterfly with her crayons and crooked lines
And she's cried cause she just can't get it right
So I wrapped her tiny hand in mine to guide her with her heart's design
And she smiles as her dreams take flight
Perhaps this is how it is on this labyrinth road
I just need to let Him guide my soul
God writes straight with crooked lines
He takes the mess we make in life
He turns our groaning into perfect rhyme
Hidden by the veil of time
The Wisdom of His love's design
God writes straight with crooked lines
I've had days as dark as smoke
When it hurt too much to hold
And it felt like,the pain would never end
Oh..searching for answers but finding jokes
Limping alone the winding road
Certain you've left me all alone
When's it hard to trust that there is a greater plan
Like a child I've gotta just hold His hand
It's hard to see the picture when we've got our head to the ground
But the vision is perfect from Heaven looking down
There is a reason for every detour and every scar
His mercy has always been hidden in the stars

CD 1
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  • 2 Lazarus
  • 3 24 Hours
  • 4 Beautiful Life
  • 5 Crooked Lines
  • 6 You Believed
  • 7 When I Close My Eyes
  • 8 Pinocchio
  • 9 Just What I Was Looking For
  • 10 Because of Love
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