Palisades Park Lyrics - Counting Crows

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Release information
Writer(s): Adam Fredric Duritz
Release Date: 2014-9-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 8:22
piano: Adam Duritz
glockenspiel: Brian Deck
instrument: Curtis Watson
composer: Adam Duritz
lyricist: Adam Duritz
Somebody screaming on Jim Jeffries' dreams
Explode into a black fist
He falls to the floor
He stares up at the sky
And he may wish he knew why
But you can't go back there no more

The future sounds so crazy
We all heard that song before
Tomorrow's a name that changed from yesterday to blame
When a train just don't stop here anymore
I got starry eyed
On a coaster ride
Andy said, "Man, I need a break from the world outside"

And these days my life just careens
Through a pinball machine
I could do so much better
But I can't get off the tilt
And there's a photograph on a TV, black and white
And Andy says something to you
Jack Johnson straddling Reno, Nevada like
She says I could get myself sometimes, too

But out past the doorways
Where we are sleeping
Well, the white queen's creeping
The time cat's beeping

Now I'm not breaking
The train's just shaking
I never made it here before
And there's a wide mouth spinning the girls around
Till they can't take it any more
I used to dream in the dark, in Palisades Park
Up over the cliffs and down among the spark
It's a long life
Been a long night
But it's not what I was waiting for
Everybody's seen the horses diving down the shore
It's a miracle they don't make them anymore

So make up ladies
Wake up baby
You walked into the bar like some Saturday star
Studs straight on spiked heels and needles and nerves
And you're a downtown pride, fully amplified Clyde
Gin-tied and Asian, but well preserved
Remember Annie outside your bedroom window
Saying, "Come on, let's drive across to the Palisades"
Keep going till we hit Reno, Nevada
I don't see it all that much these days

Still there are pages in back of the action stacks
Where the white queen's creeping
The time cat's beeping

The train's not breaking
The track's just shaking
I never made it here before
And there's a sky rocket turning the world around
Still I can't take it any more
And you can carry that spark from Palisades Park
Down over the cliffs and out into the dark
It's a long life
For a long night
But it's not what I was looking for
Everybody dreams of horses flying 'round the shore
It's a bad dream we're not having anymore

Man, have you seen Andy?
Hey man, hey man
Have you seen him around?
Hey man, have you seen my Andy?
Hey man, have you seen him have you seen her have you seen him have you seen her
Have you seen Andy around?

Dressed up in a pirate vest
All leathers and feathers and pearls
Andy said, "Look at me, man, I'm cooking
These hands are gonna figure out this whole world"
He said, "Come outside
Climb out your bedroom window
Shimmy down the fire escape
And say goodbye
Come outside"
Andy says, "I'm dressed up just like Edie
Changing all the time
My leopard spots to polka dots
Say goodbye
Come outside
Where maybe we can move to California
Just meet me at the subway
And say goodbye
Come outside
The cops all think we're crazy
If you steal, just get married
To a girl who'll never know you
And then say goodbye"

Hey man, have you seen Andy?
I lost her in the cirque
I was high as a kite
On a lovely and white
Man, you can lose anyone
Hey hey man, have you seen Andy?
I don't know where she's gone
Real love outlives teenage lust
We could get wet and it keeps us warm
Love is like angel dust
Lovely sometimes changes us

Sometimes we're not
Have you been aching with trust or just
Have you been waking yourself with lust
Have you been making us up or just
Taking us home

It's a long wait
And a long life
Cars frozen in flight
All the traffic stops to stare
At a crosswalk in Reno, Nevada
Where nothing but air
And a pair of gray paper wings
Andy thinks, "I have got nothing to wear"
We got nothing to wear
We got nothing to wear
We got nothing to wear
We got nothing to wear

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