Who Sang Broken Glass? Crash The System

Crash The System The Crowning cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-8-26
length: 3:23
You are a talker, you are a player
You are a brown-nose, yes-sayer
You make the simplest things
Seem so complicated (so complicated)
You find smoke, but no fire
You like a tacky, desire
You make the simplest things
So g****** aggravating
(So aggravating)

I can't believe you
Made a promise again
'Cause we all know
You're never gonna
Keep your word my friend

You better watch your step
Don't walk on broken glass
You must help yourself
Or simply just kiss my...
'Cause everything was true
And now I know I should hide from you
You better watch your step
Don't walk on broken glass

You came close, you came second
You got p***** and mad I recon
But no one ever cares
About your circumstances (your circumstances)
Another da and years go by
But nothing changes
Tell me why, still no one cares
About your indifference (indifference)

I can't believe you made a promise again

You can't get it right
There's no use for a fight
Just crawl back
Under that rock you came from

You better watch out

CD 1
  • 1 Fight Fire With Fire
  • 2 All Because Of You
  • 3 I Still Believe In Love
  • 4 Love Is In Your Eyes
  • 5 Take A Chance
  • 6 Enough Of Your Lovin'
  • 7 Mysterious
  • 8 Angel Of My Heart
  • 9 Rolling Stone
  • 10 Don't Tell Me No Lies
  • 11 Broken Glass
  • 12 Higher And Higher
  • 13 Without Chances
  • 14 Dangerous Game (Bonus)