Who Sang Carolay? Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Crazy Horse cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1971-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock/Classic Rock
length: 2:53
membranophone: Ralph Molina
piano: Jack Nitzsche
lead vocals: Danny Whitten
mixer: Henry Lewy
engineer: Bruce Botnick
arranger: Crazy Horse
bass: Billy Talbot
background vocals: Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot, Jack Nitzsche and Nils Lofgren
guitar: Nils Lofgren and Danny Whitten
co-producer: Bruce Botnick and Jack Nitzsche
miscellaneous support: Elliot Roberts and Roland Stone
writer: Jack Nitzsche, Russ Titelman
Sleeping, tossed and turning,
And I woke up holding hands.
Carolay, her navison and burning for another man.
Well I'm going to call up China
And see if she is there.
Well if she's not down in China.
Carolay, must a nay an a policeman go somewhere.

Fare thee, honey,
There is not enough of time
For a right shy woman to belong.
Fare thee, honey,
There's no slow and easy rhyme
For a right shy woman gone wrong.

There's a letter came last Tuesday,
Arrive a nation sigh.
It's lying in the hallway
But you ain't coming back.
Carolay, I see you in the slaw dress go someday.

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  • 5 I Don't Want to Talk About It
  • 6 Downtown
  • 7 Carolay
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