Who Sang Chance of a Lifetime? Creeper Lagoon

Release information
Release Date: 2001-6-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock
length: 3:46
mixer: Ken Andrews
writer: Ian Sefchick, Sharky Laguana
First of all
I'm not as down as you
And there is a better way
To walk around these days
I don't believe in cool
I went to summer school
There was a man unkown
Stripped himself down to the bone
And he said
Hey, give me nothing, I'm from nowhere
And you don't know my name
He doesn't exist
Guess I just missed
Chance of a lifetime
Romance and white wine
Easy living
A new beginning

Blind as wood
And there's not a bone in my body that's good
I watch the tanks roll by
Disguising themselves as the ambulance
Who will race to the show
Waving flowers and caskets, oh no
It's just another win for hope and a heart made of tin
If I were alive I would slow dance in the ghetto
And sleep beneath the street
Doesn't exist
Guess I just missed
Chance of a lifetime
Christmas and sweet pine
Easy living
A new beginning

Left all alone
Watching breakups and afternoon drama
I must have lost my mind
She was trapped on the bus
With a kiss in her hand
And when the screams died down
Her lips were on fire
Spitting magic around
There was one more mile
It was long it was long
I would float on the thermals of laughter
High where I belong
It doesn't exist
Guess I just missed
Chance of a lifetime
Lemonade and sunshine
Easy living
It's just beginning

CD 1
  • 1 Chance of a Lifetime
  • 2 Wrecking Ball
  • 3 Sunfair
  • 4 She Loves Me Not
  • 5 Up All Night
  • 6 Naked Days
  • 7 Under the Tracks
  • 8 Dead Man Saloon
  • 9 Hey Sister
  • 10 Cellophane
  • 11 Keep from Moving
  • 12 Lover's Leap
  • 13 Here We Are