Who Sang Aphrodisiac? Cronos

Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 3:37
Shoot first talk later
Queen b____ is on the ropes
Winners and Losers
All in a good days's work

Greedy for you
Night games of hide and seek
Easy riders
Mind f___ - Skin deep


Snaks charmer drama
Smoking the easy life
Back seat driver
Dark truth's the facts of life

The wide reciever
Getting on and getting off
Into position
Take aim and make it rough

Out in the open
You would if you just could
Your sister's willing
Bad girl gone good


  • 1 Messages of War
  • 2 Rock 'n' Roll Disease
  • 3 Midnight Eye
  • 4 Lost and Found
  • 5 Love Is Infectious
  • 6 Sexploitation
  • 7 Superpower
  • 8 Aphrodisiac
  • 9 Sweet Savage Sex
  • 10 Bared to the Bone
  • 11 Dirty Tricks Dept.