Who Sang Rock 'n' Roll Disease? Cronos

Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 3:50
Wind them up then knock them down
The curse is upon you it's out for the count
There has got to be another way
Hang 'em high, you've had your fill
It's back to the wife for a Whisky and pill
Your conscience hurts you every day

You've - Rock 'n' Roll Disease

There's no release

Playing fast with a hint of spice
Down with the grooves and up for the heights
The music shivers through my soul
Cutting edge or a life of crime
Someday's i know I'm doing time
But What goes on must be the show

You've - Rock 'n' Roll Disease

If you please

Hanging out try to meet the band
A bird in the bush or a mouth or her hand
be sure to bring your parachute
Little lies as she's going down
Heat of the night as she's moving around
Just pull the trigger now and shoot

She's got - Rock 'n' Roll Disease
Call the police

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