Crown of Thorns - Drowned Lyrics

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Standing alone on a summer day,sun is burning through me
Things just haven't gone my way and I'm well aware
That making a change is good for me
I'm gonna make you believe on the day of the seventh
You haven't seen the best of me

I've been downed,downed,downed
Like a wheel turning 'round
I've been downed,downed,downed
And I'm here to begin again

I've been downed,downed,downed
Stuck on the ground and now I'm back in the game
And I'm gonna win

Running around thinking how it's been,things are getting to me
Picked up the phone and I called a friend and we began
We talked and we knew what we had to do
Nothing could stop what was meant to be



Track Listing
  • 1 Feel My Thunder
  • 2 The Night
  • 3 The Victim
  • 4 Never Enough
  • 5 Little Stone House
  • 6 I'm Burnin' Up
  • 7 Drowned
  • 8 How Can I Tell You
  • 9 Straight to My Head
  • 10 Hang on Sugar
  • 11 Sundown
  • 12 Killing Time
  • 13 Man on a Tightrope

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    script: Latin