Crown of Thorns - Killing Time Lyrics

release date:
length: 3:50
Been a long time on the streets of L.A.
Spent all night in a lonely Cafe
Sipping tea and dreaming 'bout the big time someday

I remember I was fifteen years old
When I heard that the streets were paved in gold
You were there, my one shining light to show me the way

I'm killing time as I walk the hard line
I'm killing time,cause time is killing me
Just killing time,no matter what I might find
I'm killing time,cause time is killing me

I never thought that the dream would come true
Open my eyes and I was given you
They say that new love could never be true

I wish that you would believe in me
Have faith in us and see the things I see
Nothing on earth could stand between me and my destiny

Chorus repeat

I wanna know that you'll always be there babe
Walking that hard line
I'm killing time, cause time is killing me

Chorus repeat
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Track Listing
  • 1 Feel My Thunder
  • 2 The Night
  • 3 The Victim
  • 4 Never Enough
  • 5 Little Stone House
  • 6 I'm Burnin' Up
  • 7 Drowned
  • 8 How Can I Tell You
  • 9 Straight to My Head
  • 10 Hang on Sugar
  • 11 Sundown
  • 12 Killing Time
  • 13 Man on a Tightrope

  • Album Information
    script: Latin