Who Sang Lyin'? Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns Lost Cathedral cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Classic Rock
length: 6:34
When it comes down to me
I want someone that I can lean on
I was once a true believer
but now all that you threw away

Though you chose the lies you fed me
I was someone that you could feed on
Yeah, you hung yourself around me
so your soul would never die

Oh how you led me
to a road so broken down
all your efforts to befriend me
you were out there being a hound


You've been lyin'
You've been lyin' to my face
You were lyin,
I've been living with a demon
Now there's only broken memories
you let all this slip away
You've been lyin,
You've been lyin' to my face

So answer me now
are you sober enough to see
Well I hope you didn't think of me
as your ticket to the jade

Yeah, cause all those things you said to me
were just verses of the day
Now I don't want you around me
I just want you to go away

Now I know you lead me
like a man without a cause
and this noose you had around me
you're the one to take the loss

Repeat chorus

CD 1
  • 1 Lost Cathedral
  • 2 Live and Die
  • 3 Motorcycle Loretta
  • 4 Lyin'
  • 5 Free Me
  • 6 Second Chance
  • 7 Greed of Love
  • 8 Cold Blooded Bitch
  • 9 End of the Road
  • 10 Although We're Fools
  • 11 Wasted Prime
  • 12 Hell of a Night
  • 13 If You Need Me
  • 14 Standing on the Corner for You (unplugged)