Crown of Thorns - Man on a Tightrope Lyrics

release date:
length: 4:09
Somethings got a hold on me
This thing will never die
Sometimes when I'm feeling alone
And time is moving too fast
Sometimes when I'm down on my knees
Bend my head to pray
All this time I've been asking myself whats my destiny

I found out when the girl said to me
That I'd own my stars one day
But I've been feeling a shadow on me
When I saw that man of the colour TV

Don't do this,talk to me don't push
I'm a man on a tightrope
Talk to me,don't do this push
I'm a man on a tightrope

Oh I dance search for that door
Theres a fire that burns my eyes
Find myself yearning for more is the price
I pay too much for me
Each night as I look to the sea
It just blows my soul away
Oh I still feel that shadow on me
When I watch that man on the colour TV


Track Listing
  • 1 Feel My Thunder
  • 2 The Night
  • 3 The Victim
  • 4 Never Enough
  • 5 Little Stone House
  • 6 I'm Burnin' Up
  • 7 Drowned
  • 8 How Can I Tell You
  • 9 Straight to My Head
  • 10 Hang on Sugar
  • 11 Sundown
  • 12 Killing Time
  • 13 Man on a Tightrope

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    script: Latin