Crown of Thorns - Never Enough Lyrics

release date:
length: 4:04
Sure as no wings keep me from flying
Sure as the angels still keep on riding
In this game I've lost I see it
But I know I'll get by

Baby,I can live my life without you
It's never enough though I could get through
Baby,I could live my life on my own
It's never enough girl with you gone

I bite my lips when I feel I'm sighting
So girl,what's between us ain't worth denying
Lovely summer day,but something's missing
Oh baby;I want you to know I will survive


I built this roof above me and I would do it all again
If the choice was all mine, I would have you here



Track Listing
  • 1 Feel My Thunder
  • 2 The Night
  • 3 The Victim
  • 4 Never Enough
  • 5 Little Stone House
  • 6 I'm Burnin' Up
  • 7 Drowned
  • 8 How Can I Tell You
  • 9 Straight to My Head
  • 10 Hang on Sugar
  • 11 Sundown
  • 12 Killing Time
  • 13 Man on a Tightrope

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    script: Latin