Who Sang Four? Crows

Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 4:27
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Rape - loot
Killing the breed
Inferior to the white man
No justification
For oppressing a nation
Genocide is concealed
(..."Give me your tired,
(Give me) the poor
Your huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free..."...)

Canaan freedom
The final frontier
A fortune lies at your feet
Crushing the weakest
"Survival of fittest"
We're close at hand to our "dream"
(..."The wretched refuse
Of your teeming shore
Send these, the homeless,
The tempest - tost to me."...)

I lift my lamp
Beside the golden door !
I will give you
You've devoured the land
Wealth is beneath contempt
You can't heal the wounds of our mother
The decline of our race
Marks the end of your trace
Your victims convict you of murder !

Progress - is danger !
The arrows too weak
Our history's even delete
Hush - up
Locked in reservation
The pride you'll never defeat !

CD 1
  • 1 The Frantic Factor
  • 2 Too Proud to Fight
  • 3 We Are the Storm
  • 4 Four
  • 5 East of Eden
  • 6 Change the Border
  • 7 Insanity Defense
  • 8 The Dying Race

  • Release information
    label: Century Media
    country(area): Europe
    format: CD
    barcode: 727701972428
    script: Latin