Who Sang Slaves of Seeded Hatred? The Crucifier

Release information
Release Date: 2006-10
length: 4:44
A dead end:
For all those who dream
Souls wrapped up in lies
Pretenders to rectify our grief
Preaching blindness of mind
Waking mankinds greed for war
Seeding hate at all sides
A conspiracy:
For the young thoughts demise
Blaming races for the decay of system
Terrorizing the will for life
Growing fear:
Fed by a nations prejudice
A violent generation approaches
While we speak for rights
Armed and blind they come to torn your skin
An old curse of bloodlust they try to rebreed
And when their time comes they'll be the ones to decide
Who will live and whose they'll enjoy the cries

Slaves of seeded hatred: Constant beliefs in lie
Slaves of seeded hatred: Their pleasure is difference dying

Aim for their sickened deeds
l*** for blood and suffering
Still lives on in our days
They've never felt no care
Just brain-pounding pressure
Lead in this pride of despair
Desire to feel their bloodstained hands
The opposite of humanity
Imposed to conquer lands
In greater criminals command
But the punishment never finds
The f****** leading head
(f***** up!)

CD 1
  • 1 Cursed Cross
  • 2 Realise Life
  • 3 Govermental Slavery
  • 4 Drive Intense
  • 5 T.V. (Truth's Vileness)
  • 6 Slaves of Seeded Hatred
  • 7 Thrash Till the Death
  • 8 Crucifier
  • 9 Execute Them All