Who Sang Easy Flight? Crying

Crying Get Olde Second Wind cover art
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length: 2:14

It's always harder to
Get off the lift than to get on

Felt myself become smaller
’Round the bend, while they've all gone ahead

With something I don’t get
I haven't even learned it yet

But Kuya Ellery stays behind
It's O.K. to take your time

The Slope isn't going anywhere
Check me out, riding regular
Where the hot shots already were
I don’t care to finish first

Carve the trail
At your own pace

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  • 2 Bloom
  • 3 Bodega Run
  • 4 Rat Baby
  • 5 Vacation
  • 6 Olde World
  • 7 ES
  • 8 Easy Flight
  • 9 Sick
  • 10 Batang Killjoy
  • 11 Emblem
  • 12 War of Attrition
  • 13 Close

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin