Who Sang ES? Crying

Crying Get Olde Second Wind cover art
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length: 2:10
how does the world perceive me
perceiving myself?
all i care to do is sip on
beer and chocolate milk
i'm frightened more than
usual, lately
i do not translate into
'one of the boys'
'lotus flower'
or 'chinita'
i'm just ES and i'd prolly rather
nap than wonder, restlessly:
will ya ever be impressed by me?
mom doesn't think i fit into the
darling archetype, but
that's an ancient pair of jeans
and my thighs are
rolling thunder
forget the numbers
forget the numbers, please
every g****** family reunion,
someone's got somethin' to say
how didja become this way?
as if i've made a mistake
meanwhile, they've slaughtered the cake

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