Who Sang American Heroes? Cryptic Slaughter

Release information
Release Date: 1987-5
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Hardcore
length: 3:53
Today's heroes are a dime a dozen
Too many to even name
Americans killed by human error
Made that way in political games
The shuttle pilots, mistaken death
They're made heroes, I ask why?
What about the ones before them?
Do they also have to die?
Are those your heroes?
Well, they're not mine
We are the future heroes
Must we also die?
How about the everyday people?
Working hard, the unrecognized
Are they not the true heroes?
Or just boring ordinary lives?
You proclaimed these so-called heroes
To cover your own mistake
Mislead the people to believe
They died for their country's sake

Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Set Your Own Pace
  • 3 Could Be Worse
  • 4 Wake Up
  • 5 Freedom of Expression?
  • 6 Menace to Mankind
  • 7 Too Much, Too Little
  • 8 Human Contrast
  • 9 Tables Are Turned
  • 10 Positively
  • 11 All Wrong
  • 12 American Heroes