Who Sang Guardian? Crystal Eyes

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 3:45
Have you forgotten the end of your dream?
Are you afraid of tomorrow?
Will you remember the song of the earth
when there is no light to follow?

Pre Chorus
When the dark lord appears to embrace our mortal souls
will you then be strong and believe
or welcome the tears of rage to your eyes?

Solo Dahl

Father of shadows and father of time
You are the guardian of our lives
Father of shadows and father of time
Who will be guarding us when your eyes are closed?

Have you abandoned the path of the brave
to roam in silence forever?
Only the burden of losses remains
inside the void of your chamber

Pre Chorus

Sometimes I hear your voice
Far away, calling my name but I know
The words in the wind are my own

  • 1 Ride the Rainbow
  • 2 The Fire of Hades
  • 3 The Devil Inside
  • 4 Waves of War
  • 5 Dying in the Rain
  • 6 Fighting
  • 7 Shadow Rider
  • 8 Lonely Ball of Fate
  • 9 Guardian