Who Sang Rockin' Chair? Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle Sings the Heart & Soul of Hoagy Carmichael cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Robbie Robertson
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:50
composer: Hoagy Carmichael
lyricist: Hoagy Carmichael
Old rockin' chair's got me
(Old rocking chair got you, father)
Cane by my side
(Your cane by your side)

Fetch me that gin, son
(I ain't got no gin, father)
'Fore I tan your hide
(You're gonna tan my hide)

Can't get from this cabin
(Cabin, joking follow)
Ain't go nowhere
(You ain't goin' nowhere?)

Just sittin' me here grabbin'
(Grabbin' )
At the flies 'round my rockin' chair
(Rockin' chair)

Old dear aunt Harriet
(Aunt Harriet)
How long to Heaven she be?
(Heaven she be)

Send me a sweet chariot
(Oh chariot)
For the end of the trouble I see
(My sweet Cherie)

Old rockin' chair gets it
(Rocking chair get it, father)
Judgment Day is almost here
(Judgment Day is here)

Chained to my old
(Sing it pop, sing it)
Rockin' chair

Old rocking chair got you, father
(Yes, indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed, you got it)
And your cane by your side
(Can't get around no more)

But I ain't got no gin, father
(Well, that's all the sadness)
Oh, you gonna tan my hide, tan my hide
(Yeah, yeah get it)

You can't get from this cabin
(Man, I don't wanna go nowhere)
Oh no, father, but you ain't goin' nowhere
(Aha, aha)

You sittin' here grabbin', you grabbin', you grabbin'
(Grabbin', grabbin')
The flies 'round the old rockin' chair, rockin' chair

My dear old, aunt Harriet
(Yes son, how long to heaven she be?)
May up in heaven she be
(Yeah, you don't like that)

Oh chariot, oh chariot, chariot, chariot, chariot
(Yeah I got your ride, I got your ride, got every chariot)
Once again in the time of trouble, I've seen
(Yeah, nobody knows the trouble I've seen)

Old rockin' chair get it, rockin' chair get it
(Old rockin' chair get it)
And Judgment Day, oh, Judgment Day
You sittin' here chained to your rockin' chair

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