Future Tears Todays Lyrics - Cut City

Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-6
length: 4:40
Now the curtains pulled and the chairs are on the floor
Let's narrow it down to a drunken brawl
Is there anything you'd like to say
That you didn't yesterday
These are the remains of a conversation run dry
With the token face of a child you act surprised
How can language fail you so with the history that you tow

You were a drunken punchline that betrayed you that night
With a speech that rivaled something out of the third reich
But is it really that hard to sit
Straight up and admit
But now you're putting money where you're mouth shouldn't be
Seeing things that you definitely shouldn't be seeing

And that's alright when your numbers up
And it's alright when your loss their trust
And it's alright to be wasting time
Because it's not a crime
There's an end to be seen if you give in and fail
Doesn't matter a bit if your life really derails
But don't burn the world word by word
Coz this hour's the last to be heard

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