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Dave East

US rapper

Dave Edmunds

Dave Frank

Dave Frishberg

Dave Fromer

Dave Gahan

Dave Gannett

Dave Greenslade

Dave Gross

Dave Grusin

Dave Hall

Dave Hall, English-American singer/songwriter

Dave Hassell

Dave Hause

US singer-songwriter

Dave Hole

Dave Holland

British jazz bassist and composer

Dave Hollister

Dave Kelly

British blues singer, guitarist and composer

Dave Kerzner

Dave Koz

Dave Lambert

Jazz vocalist

Dave Lindholm

Dave Lippman

Davell Crawford

Dave Loggins

Dave Lombardo

drummer, co-founder of thrash metal band Slayer

Dave Lubben

Dave Mason

co-founder of Traffic

Dave Matthews

of Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

Dave McKenna

Dave McPherson

UK drummer/guitarist/vocalist, member of InMe & Centiment

Dave Meniketti

Dave Moisan

Dave Moore

US blues guitarist, accordion, harmonica & songwriter

Dave Navarro

American guitarist

Davenport Cabinet

Dave Patten

Dave Pell

Dave Pike

jazz vibraphone and marimba player

Dave Pirner

Dave Pomeroy

Dave Potts

Dave Rawlings Machine

Dave Shadow

Dave Stewart

UK guitarist/singer for Eurythmics

Dave Stewart

Canterbury keyboardist, NOT the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart

Street musician playing mostly in Sweden

Dave’s True Story

Dave Stryker

Dave & Sugar

country vocal group

Dave Thomas Junior

Dave Valentin

Dave Van Ronk

Dave Wakeling

Dave Warner

Rock, Pub Rock

Dave Willetts

Davey Graham

Davey Suicide

David Ackles

David Alagna


David Allan Coe

David Alpher

David and the Giants

David Archuleta

David Ari Leon

David Arkenstone

David Arnold

British conductor

David Axelrod

David Baerwald

David Ball

US country musician

David Banner

David Barrett

Michigan folk singer/songwriter

David Barrull

David Batteau

David Bavas

David Bazan

David Becker Tribune

David Bendeth

David Benoit

David Berkeley

David Bisbal

David Blue

originally known as David Cohen

David Bolzoni

David Bowie


David Bridie

David Bromberg

David Bromberg Band

David Bryan

keyboardist for Bon Jovi

David Burnham

David Bustamante

David Byrne

Talking Heads

David Byron

David Calzado y La Charanga Habanera

David Campbell

Australian singer

David Candy

David Carreira

David Carretta

David Cassidy

David Chalmin

David Charvet

David Chevallier

David Choi

David Christie

David Civera

David Clayton‐Thomas

David Cook

American Idol

David Coverdale

David Crittenden

David Crosby

David Crowder Band

David Curtis

conductor, violist

David Dallas

David & David

David DeMaría

David Donatien

David Dondero

David Douglass

conductor, violinist, producer

David Duchovny

American actor, writer, producer, director, novelist & singer-songwriter

David Dundas

David Dunn

Christian artist

Davide De Marinis

Davide Esposito

Davide Shorty

Davide Sciortino cantautore di Palermo

David Essex

Davide Van De Sfroos

David E. Williams

David Fair

David “Fathead” Newman

David Filio

David Finck

David Flood

David Fonseca

David Ford

UK singer/songwriter

David Forman

David Foster

Canadian music producer, arranger and composer

David Fourie

David Francey

David Franj

David Freiberg

David Fridlund

David Friedman

US jazz percussionist, mainly vibraphone and marimba

David Frizzell

David Galas

David Garfield

David Garrett

classical violinist

David Garza

David Gate

David Gates

singer/songwriter, lead singer of Bread

David Gazarov

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