Who Sang Smoke If U Got It? Da Headbussaz

Da Headbussaz Dat's How It Happen to 'm cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-15
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 5:42
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[Chorus x 2]
My nigga smoke if you got it
If you got a gar, gone up and light it
And if you got papers, papers
Gone shit, we ain't no hater, haters

(D.J. Paul)
I hate when stingy ass niggas
Come around when I'm smoking
Soon as my dope hits the air
They hands it be open, but last week
When I was flat out like bed sheets
You claim that you didn't even have brown weed
Up on your streets, a let alone these purple hairs
Like I got right here, I bet you wanna take another stare
You should've fucked wit me when I was down on my l-u-c's
I kept that K for a rainy day with double clip for assured lay
I hope you's a organ donor cause you a goner
You tried to keep me from what I wanna
That light green, red haired marijuana
Make me drive that four-forty hours to California
I'm back smoking, I took a chill pill for a minute
But just like Popeye, I ain't shit if I ain't gots me spinach
So next time don't try to hide it dog, you smellin' like it
And put that shit in the wind, we all like it

[Chorus x 2]

My nigga smoke, smoke, smoke, light that shit
Nugget smoker, choker from the bong
Stalk lover, grow it at my home
I got you cousin for two O, if you want that zone
I'm prone to burn good corn, stay on that gone gone
Keep moving nilla dutches, sweet toker on the norm
Traum the lungs off folks, skunk raising on my farm
Need Raid for all the roaches laying in my barn
Customary inhaling that j by mary, blueberry
Ak-47 smoker, you know that we gone vary
Cherry, chocolate berry and cognac wraps
Inspire Fiend to bust his gone head rap
Put me on my back, pass me the shorty
Big, right and stacked
And this blunt ain't what all that's fat

[Chorus x 2]

(Juicy J)
You high, I'm high, I'm on that acid tripping
So give me some of that shit you been sniffing
Let me get high to the sky like Scotty Pippen
Take me to platinum plus for white women
You give me the V.I.P. I'll walk in it
I'll give you the B.I.G. this big dick in yo mouth
You bitch, I heard you been licking
Pussy so big you can fit your fucking fist in
Sexy snow bunny and she said her name was Blair
She rolled up some weed in a blunt with purple hair
I told her what big trees come here I said my name was air
Just like that Air Jordan, but I'm never playin' fair
She said she like the diamonds in my watch, they made her glare
But when I hit that weed I just fell from my chair
Oh man this purple dope, hope you know this shit the shit
Oh please, oh please, oh please just give just one more hit

[Chorus x 2]

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