Who Sang Deserter? Daan

Daan The Player cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-11-3
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract/Synth-pop
length: 5:31
vibraphone: Isolde Lasoen
saxophone: Jeroen Van Herzeele
strings: Jeroen Swinnen
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your loving concerns me ccc concerns me
loving conc you know your loving concerns me
‘cause it confirms me because it burns me
because it yearns me turns me and in the end it learns me
well your love ain’t no potion no common devotion no common commotion
well I can do without it can do without can fish for trout - it
don’t make me shout it don’t make stuff it why don’t you face it
that you’re the one who’s making profit
I’d like to turn you into my world you
like to charm you like to warm you but first let me warn you
that a wind needs a rooster like a bass needs a booster
like an army of love needs a deserter
I can’t tell you where the money went
you only needed me to pay the rent struck by a deserter
you’re gonna leave like ya did before
you keep on stepping through the same door
you keep on stepping through the same door
you keep on falling on the same floor
I got no business with your drugstore
I get my kicks on any dance floor
Blame me the Pain in me harrassing me arresting me
a wasted love the love is burning in your heart
diversity intensity ferocity precocity deserting me
I’m a mailbox just a male I’m a malebox just a mail
I‘m just a dog and you’re my tail a fairy tale but still a dog
he’s a mailbox just a male he’s a malebox just a mail
he’s a dog and you’r his tail a fairy tale but still a dog
truth ladies and gentlemen is like a suddenly cut off phone call
it chains you and it sweetens you deep inside
I’m the kind of stuff that a french fries I’m a runner up with the great guys
I keep guessing all of the girls’ sizes I’ll desert you before they start throwing rice
well it takes you makes you hates you fakes you gates you
breaks you to the bone and then bakes before you even tried
well it loves you toughens you doves you roughs and cuffs you in the end
in the end you’re deserted by a love man
I’m a deserter a flirter a woman hurter
I’m a converter inverter I’ll take you further
I am the wicked learner and your happy after burner
your darkest pages turner without even trying earner
I’m a deserter a flirter a women hurter
I’m a converter inverter a make you yearner
you get your inspiration leading to this love inflation
I get my inspiration cruising through my isolation
cruising through through my isolation
wise man sailing poor girl wailing
shore leave romance you’ll be no man’s

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  • Release information
    label: [PIAS] Recordings
    country(area): Belgium
    format: CD
    barcode: 5413356230123
    script: Latin