Who Sang Demonic Lord of War? Daemonlord

Release information
Release Date: 2004-3-19
length: 4:41
Raise your weapons, war has arrived
Hate without mercy, defeat all slaves
C-beams and swords, nuclear warriors
The empire of darkness, destroying the system
The demonic lord of war reigns in the skies
Idol of evil, bringer of destruction
Born in a black hole, he is the anti-light
Controlling the Universe with immense power

World-eater is the name of his ship
Sailing through the infinite, spreading fear
Pure hate is its flag, impossible to face it
When it appears in the sky there's no chance to run away
Aeons of suffering in the centre of the hole
Made him become the bearer of the most fearful hate
He has the power of controlling gravity
He has the power of controlling time

The galaxy is in flames, unknown races die
Why there should be a reason
Just hate and horror, delight in misery
Pleasure of destroying worlds and suns
Proud in his throne of dark iron he laughs
Skulls of nightmare surround him
He's been noticed of a new place to destroy
A small blue planet infested of weak creatures

There's no end nor rest, no future nor help
Just madness and hate, sorrow and death
The demonic lord of war has arrived
Join him or be dead!!

CD 1
  • 1 Of War and Hate (intro)
  • 2 Demonic Lord of War
  • 3 The Voice
  • 4 Night's Backbone
  • 5 Driven by Darkness and Sorrow
  • 6 Where Rottenness Dwells
  • 7 In the Middle of Infinity
  • 8 Pure Sorrow and Hate
  • 9 The Era of Satan Rising
  • 10 Descending Into the Unknown Abyss