Who Sang Poverty & Riches? DaForce

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Release Date: 1999-11-23
length: 1:55
Yeah you know who's back
Wit dat ***** Lord Jayze
We gonna talk about Riches & Poverty

I be laid back as I put you in that smoove motion
From coast to coasting my waterfalls like oceans
Daforce bout makind endz and chillin'
Retire from the 9 to 5 run make a million, buy me my freedom
From this chaos from all the layoffs
Take 365 days off and all that shooting in the night got sleepless
And peep this I wake up in the morning Jeepless
So I run to the hills where no blood spills.
And for a short while time seems to stand still
Ain't nothing like peace of mind when secluded
I'd rather that
Than being fitted and suited
And when you're poor all you got is dreams and wishes
But when you're rich you got problems and different glitches
Food stamps to paychecks, chevettes to pathfinders
Low income housing to mansions restaurant dinning

The Line between Poverty & Riches
You know the line between Poverty & Riches

I respect a man when he rises from hardship to riches
Plastic cups and plates to china dishes
From employee To CEO pilot of the plane now everyone knows your name
Life's like a smoke screen everythangs about green
Trying to get my endz on is where I been
This world seems negative so let me get my move on when I groove on,
And feeling sorry for yourself ain't helping no one
Your low on self esteem 97 is the year to make cream,
Blaming society societies blaming you
So what you saying so what u gone do
Who's got the last laugh you've got the last laugh
Well while you laugh the next man gets the shaft, blaw

The Line between Poverty & Riches
You know the line between Poverty & Riches

I wish my address was 90210 but it's more like apt 300
Luck separates you destiny
Some might disagree do like you serve 360 degrees, chyea

CD 1
  • 1 Introkitforce
  • 2 Poverty & Riches
  • 3 Radio & Magazines
  • 4 Whats da Racket
  • 5 The Year 2020
  • 6 The Year 2020 II
  • 7 Blazed 2 da Max
  • 8 Specimen
  • 9 Daforcified (outro)
  • 10 Daforce Is Wit Me
  • 11 All 4 da Luv of Money

  • Release information
    label: Unknown Source Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 669910362648
    script: Latin