Dag Savage feat. Choosey - Van Gogh 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014-2-4
length: 3:20

"This is you...
This is real...
Listen here
Listen here, my friend
Listen here"

[Verse 1 - Johaz]
The black rose on the concrete
Devil’s ducking and hiding when the god speak
The snub nose hit you from a long reach
Building on lessons that Master Farad teach(Ah!)
And all hail the congregation
And how we change the world off a simple conversation
My mind is like a pyramid that shines through observation
And steady getting higher than the stars’ constellation (Yo)
Mama told me there’d be days like this
So I just sit and reminisce while I blaze my spliff
I feel the joy in my heart, but the pain exists
Bow my head for Huey Newton and just raise my fist
You see - and Power to the People cause we lost
And power to the pussy cause it costs
Yall niggas rather fight and f----n floss
I’d rather bust shots at my father
The thought of making dividends
Robbed you of your innocence
Raised in the ignorance
Diploma or Death Certificate
Yo - are you a soldier or a sambo
You listen, I give my ear like I’m Van Gogh

“Are you listening” (Listen)
“Are you listening now, Are you listening now” (Listen here)

“Are your eardrums open” (Listen here my friend)
“Did I get your attention undivided” (Listen here)

[Verse 2 - Choosey]
Listen here, youngin’
Yell in the ear
Whatever goal you’re trying to reach
I want to interfere
See you ain’t listening
I said I want an end of fear
Just for a moment in time
While my vision is clear
They said that sign of the times
Saying the ending is near
How many times we gon’ believe it
Remember the year
1999, then it was 2012
Yeah they conspiring
But why you let your mind dwell
Staying modern, but we can’t control what time tells
So do your times tables, express yourself
‘Cuz many died trying to get us to this time, well
It ain’t perfect, but - we ain’t in line yellin
We shall overcome, who would’ve knew
The fact I’m saying that today is proof
I feel what they meant
Through the civil rights moves
When I write
Pray I send the right message to the youth
They sayin' do the right thing
I'm sayin' let 'em choose
And tell em stay surrounded by the ones who better you
‘Cuz there’s temptation everyday and they facing it
It ain’t bout the bigger picture
It’s who you paint it with

This is you…
This is real…

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