Who Sang Here We Are? Dagoba

Dagoba Dagoba cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Industrial/Death Metal
length: 4:04
I want you to come
I want you to come to me
Driven me for life
A common reason to live
How wicked the fire is
Look at all the chaos we've built
But this is all truth
I'll never lie to you...
(Have a) Crystal clear sight
(On this) Permanent lie
People that cry
Will also die...
The shit we live in
The shit we live in and know
To keep it away
You better keep it away
I want you to come
I want you to come to me
I want you to know
I want it for you to have

CD 1
  • 1 From Torture to Enslavement
  • 2 Maniak
  • 3 The White Guy (And the Black Ceremony)
  • 4 Something Stronger
  • 5 Another Day
  • 6 Fate Contained in a Crystal Ball
  • 7 Year of the Scapegoat
  • 8 Dopesick
  • 9 Act 1, Part 2
  • 10 Rush
  • 11 The Chaos We're Involved In
  • 12 Here We Are
  • 13 4.2 Destroy
  • 14 Pornscars
  • 15 Gods Forgot Me