Who Sang Maniak? Dagoba

Dagoba Dagoba cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Industrial/Death Metal
length: 3:17
Get up !
Brutality, in action
Be me becoming an animal
Blue eyes, bloody sight
Ready for a fatal fight
Maniak !
Anal way to explain you
This hate I feel is all for you
Prepare yourself to be killed
Time has come for me to crush you
Get up !Wake up !

Maniak !Born to kill...
Maniak !Born to kill...

Slave to violence
Destroyer of innocence
Genetic decadence
Rituals ,voodoo dance
Maniak !
Rape flashes ,mad obsessions
Sodomy, strangulation
Watch your movie stars on t.v
Let me paint unforgiven scars on your skin
Get up !Wake up !

Maniak !Born to kill...
Maniak !Born to kill...

High level of adrenaline
Let me push you down into your coffin
Mouth open, still hot breath
Disillusions, death is real
Maniak !
The bloody color of your red fluid
Lay in a bed of hemoglobin
By killing you I build myself
Your dead sight reflecting my face !

CD 1
  • 1 From Torture to Enslavement
  • 2 Maniak
  • 3 The White Guy (And the Black Ceremony)
  • 4 Something Stronger
  • 5 Another Day
  • 6 Fate Contained in a Crystal Ball
  • 7 Year of the Scapegoat
  • 8 Dopesick
  • 9 Act 1, Part 2
  • 10 Rush
  • 11 The Chaos We're Involved In
  • 12 Here We Are
  • 13 4.2 Destroy
  • 14 Pornscars
  • 15 Gods Forgot Me