Who Sang Hangman's tree? Dahong Palay

Release information
Release Date: 1996-1-1
length: 4:28

I, stood silent for a hundred years
I've seen the wrath of the rising sun
The lives they took can't be forgotten
Those who lived must pay me with their soul
I, bear the pain of a thousand deaths
I've heard the cries of the little ones
The blood that spilled on holy ground
Will baptize the sword of the chosen one
If I could only speak if only I can be heard
The ground will shake, the sky will roar
The earth will crumble from the storm
I, the one who sees I am the hangman's tree

CD 1
  • 1 Kapatiran Ng Bakal At Apoy
  • 2 At Muling Sumikat Ang Araw
  • 3 Panginoon Ng Hangin
  • 4 Kandilang Itim
  • 5 The God's Eternal Sleep
  • 6 Lihim Ni Eurd
  • 7 Immortal
  • 8 Talim
  • 9 Sinapupunan
  • 10 Hangman's tree
  • 11 Sa Bibig Ng Impyerno
  • 12 War and peace
  • 13 Angel of mercy