Come Again Lyrics - Dallas Crane

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 3:34
no I don't know your name
I don't mind if you feel the same

come again you know you're welcome anytime
I couldn't find a better woman if I tried

fools gold fools me no more
it's all mime that I've seen before

thanks a million I was only going insane
I'm entertained now and I hope we can again

pardon me cause I just don't know what to say
it's been a long time since a woman made my day
so come again you know you're welcome any time
you've been a good friend and I hope that cash is fine

CD 1
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  • 2 Sweet F.A.
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  • 4 Already Gone
  • 5 Naked
  • 6 Lay Down
  • 7 Shit Creek
  • 8 Nowhere
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  • 10 Come Again
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