Who Sang Open to Close? Dallas Crane

Release information
Release Date: 2004-7-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Classic Rock
length: 4:01
alone just a drone I'm sitting
the clock seems too slow it's ticking
for you to come

the daytime seems to enslave me
at night time you always compensate me
for what goes wrong

come in swap your coin for poison
I insist there ain't no use avoiding
the one thing you want
and old ghosts start reappearing
in each drop the haunting sounds you're hearing
is an old favourite song

the last have now spent their pension
I slam the door on my day's detention
I open to close
hypocrisy now I'm showing
honey raise your glass 'cause I'm proposing
a toast to us both

cause I'm proposing
a toast to us both

CD 1
  • 1 Dirty Hearts
  • 2 Iodine
  • 3 Can't Work You Out
  • 4 Unlucky Star
  • 5 Open to Close
  • 6 Wrong Party
  • 7 Come Clean
  • 8 Numb All Over
  • 9 Under the Moon
  • 10 Wannabe
  • 11 Out in Space
  • 12 Ladybird
  • 13 Come and Go
  • 14 Alright by Me