Sweet F.A. Lyrics - Dallas Crane

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 2:28

So, how much do you know?
Do i have to leave here
Pack my bags and get out by tomorrow
Can i stay just another day?
Meanwhile, you ask how i'm doing
You start to smile and ask how much i'm using
But wait, i just can't contemplate
Where i have been

What was at first thick as mud
Is now as clear as can be
And when i waste all my money
On filthy pornography
And now this harpy inside
She's got me down on my knees
On my knees

CD 1
  • 1 Sit on My Knee
  • 2 Sweet F.A.
  • 3 Sold Me
  • 4 Already Gone
  • 5 Naked
  • 6 Lay Down
  • 7 Shit Creek
  • 8 Nowhere
  • 9 Some Days
  • 10 Come Again
  • 11 Home