Who Sang Love Has Come Over Me? Dallas Holm

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Genre: Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Gospel
length: 4:47
A desperate man in a desperate situation

Thought that I could make it on my own

Never had the slightest inclination

To trust my life to the greatest unknown.

Then I had a sudden revelation

Just like a light turning on in me

And now I have such a great anticipation

Of what my life will be eternally.


Love has come over me

Captured my spirit

Set my soul free

Now I just can't believe

How different I am since

Love has come over me.

So won't you make a fresh evaluation

Think about your life, about your soul

You can be a mighty new creation

He can touch your heart and make you whole

Then you will have a wonderful sensation

When you decide to give Him everything

Then you'll join the Holy celebration

And lift your voice and begin to sing.


I will never be the same

Since I called on Jesus' name.


  • 1 In My Father's House
  • 2 One More Soul
  • 3 Chain of Grace
  • 4 Love Has Come Over Me
  • 5 Nothing Satisfies Me Like Jesus
  • 6 Something to Believe In
  • 7 It's Time
  • 8 The Long Ride
  • 9 I Know the Lord
  • 10 Next Time It Will Be Forever

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    script: Latin