Who Sang She Wanted? Dalvin DeGrate

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Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul
length: 4:09
Come on, uh uh uh uh
Yeah, check check check, yeah
Ay Rob, turn me up a little please
I mean turn the headphones up, the music
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, uh
Check it, check, uh uh uh, come on

1 - She wanted me to freak her from behind
I`m bout to lose my mind, anytime
From the moment she came up through the door
I knew it was trouble I was headed for
Then she told me what she wants she gets
Until she had me, she wasn`t gon` quit
She was movin` fast, my feet was movin` slow
That`s when I knew I had to let her go

I was at the mall shopping the other day
I met this girl who said she`s buyin` lingerie
Uh, but when she spoke
She had this strange look in her eyes
She dropped her bags
And then she turned around and said to me

Repeat 1

But all she wanted

2 - All she wanted was a chance to fall in love
And when she saw me, then she said I was the one
If she want it, she`ll tell me, what would you do?
Is this real or is it too good to be true?

Now all my friends thinkin` I`m slippin` off my game
Cuz I`m chillin` with this girl like everyday
But they don`t know the things she do to me when we`re alone
Cuz if they did, they would be tryna have her for their own

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

She wanted me to freak her
(Sexy young thang)
She wanted me to freak her
(I can`t leave ya alone girl)
She wanted me to freak her
She wanted me to freak her
(Ooh, she wanted)

Repeat 2

(All she wanted)
My cell phone`s ringing
(All she wanted)
(All she wanted)
Yeah, I`m in the vocal booth
(All she wanted)
Yeah, yeah yeah
(All she wanted)
Not yet, not yet
Alright, okay
Call back in like an hour

  • 1 I Got That
  • 2 Why Can't We
  • 3 Dangerous
  • 4 She Wanted
  • 5 Soft & Wet (Interlude)
  • 6 Long Day
  • 7 More Than Friends
  • 8 Not My Girl
  • 9 Scandalous
  • 10 'Til U Get Enough
  • 11 I Can't Help It
  • 12 Love Bites

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    script: Latin