Who Sang Mali Huriye? DAM

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Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-26
length: 3:37
(featuring Ala' Azam and Anat Ig'bariye)

We've been like this more than 50 years
Living as prisoners behind the bars of paragraphs
Of agreements that change nothing
We haven't seen any light, and if we peek between the bars
We see a blue sky and white clouds
In the center a star reminds me that I'm limited
But no, I'm strong, staying optimistic
You won't limit my hope by a wall of separation
And if this barrier comes between me and my land
I'll still be connected to Palestine like an embryo to the umbilical cord
My feet are the roots of the olive tree
Keep on prospering, fathering and renewing branches
Every branch
Grown for peace
Every branch
Under the pressure of occupation
Refusing to give up
So why don't I have freedom?
Because I refuse to live in slavery

Everywhere I go I see borders, imprisoning humanity
Why can't I be free like other children in this world?
Everywhere I go I see borders, imprisoning humanity
Why can't I be free like other children in this world?

We searched for peace between Generals
Until we all became war children
Asking for freedom from prisons that want us
With closed and blind eyes
Our eyes staring at the free children
Always keep on rolling to a better life
Our leaders only flavor their speeches
Opening their mouths but shutting out hope
We use power because of our weakness
So life will treat us gently
We saw that we don't rule our own destiny
So we tried to grasp it in our hands and it died
All we asked for was a breath
And what did we sacrifice for it?
Also a breath
So you tell me
Why can't I be free like other children in this world?

I don't want to live on my knees
I'd rather not die at all
I still see the Occupation
Reaching his hand
Not for peace
Not for equality
Not to mend things between us
But to suffocate me
Here's another massacre
And a wall that's separating me myself and I
The U.S. has made it their 51st state
Cleaning the Middle East of its Indians
Hitting us then blaming us
But all the biggest armies in the world
Are weak against the hope of the children

Little girl reading a poem

We want an angry generation
To plough the sky
To blow up history
To blow up our thoughts
We want a new generation
That does not forgive mistakes
That does not bend
We want a generation
Of giants

CD 1
  • 1 Mukadime
  • 2 Mali Huriye
  • 3 Ng'ayer Bukra
  • 4 Warde
  • 5 Inkilab
  • 6 Ya Sayidati
  • 7 Al Huriye Unt'a
  • 8 Da Dam
  • 9 Hibuna Ishtruna
  • 10 Mes Endroits
  • 11 Usset Hub
  • 12 G'areeb Fi Bladi
  • 13 Kalimat
  • 14 Sawa' Al Zaman
  • 15 Ihda'

  • Release information
    label: EMI Music Arabia
    country(area): United Arab Emirates
    format: CD
    script: Latin