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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 3:32
America, America
Here's to your health
America, America

Now tell me
Why's the country that's the most wealthy also amongst the most unhealthy?
There's probably a lot of theories out there
But mine's got to be the lack of national healthcare -
A category of welfare that happens to be well fair
Whether there's wealth there or whether it's elsewhere
Now you can probably tell where this is going from my accent
Or you're thinking "Why's this British guy rapping?"
I like America, the music, the people
That's why I want to see improvements to each of them
There's problems here too, Britain's got its fair share
I'm sure you know about our questionable dental care
But there's one thing that stands better than the rest
And that's the NHS, yes
Where nobody faces rejection
Just because to treat them would be a dangerous investment
Where what the doctor prescribes is what you're given
Instead of having to wait for your insurer's decision
Where prescriptions are a reasonable price
If you need something lifelong you can even subscribe
Where if you're old or young; unemployed;
Then it's free, and the price tag becomes null and void
Where you can go home without paying one penny;
Where you've still got the option of a private company
It's unbelievable the stuff they've done for me before
Months in hospital and I've not paid a fee at all

America, America
Here's to your health
America, America
Here's wishing you good health

Insurance firms are about saving dimes
Before they'll even think about saving lives
So say goodbye to your treatment if there's even
A minor loophole in your legal agreement
Is your system victim free?
There's fifty million Americans who evidently disagree
Fifty million without health insurance
That could die just because they couldn't afford it
You don't have to pay to have a fire extinguished
And you have the police, not private militias
So why should this difference apply to the systems
Providing for victims requiring assistance?
Nothing should be held higher than citizens
Putting wealth over health? I am sick of it
Insurance firms are commercial businesses -
They're not concerned what your physical fitness is
They're only interested in what the interest is;
Over here we have a different incentive
A lot of you are incensed at this
And I don't intned to be insensitive but listen
There's several myths about the terrible British
Medical system that I better dismiss, quick:
1. You can't choose who your doctor is. Not true -
There's a long list of doctors I've gone to
2. One of the most stupid lies is that
Old people are euthanised when they're due to die
Not true - if there was institutionalised
Granny killing don't you think there'd be a public outcry?
You don't have to use the NHS anyway -
There's still plenty of private firms if you want to pay
But the proof's in the pudding, come to Britain for a bit
I bet you can't find anyone who would get rid of it


America, America

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