Dream Girl Lyrics - Dan Bull

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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 5:04
I assume you've met before
No we haven't actually
Hi, my name's Daniel
And who might you be?
She introduced herself
Then I/he offered her/me a drink
Now we're together
S/he's the one for me

She wants to be a vegan but still eats cheese sandwiches
Holidays in Sweden, speaks three languages
Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian and English
Good girl most of the time but dabbles in cannabis
Which has its advantages for imaginative fantasists
A bit of an anarchist political activist but isn't a twat with it
Has an ambition to make cinema, act in it
In fact, she's already written a manuscript
She's the whole package, gift wrapped in bandages
Ready to be unravelled now she's found the right man to kiss
Sometimes we're out and other lads try and chat her up
But she always has the perfect comeback to back her up
Before I saw her, I thought that I was lacking luck
But my next decision was ditching pessimism, pack it up
How could I hate a world that made this girl how she looks
So if you're asking me my fantasy, that's the stuff

Girl of my dreams
She's the one for me
Girl of my dreams
Certainly the one for me

She's got a soft spot for prog rock, often wears odd socks
Not because she's kooky, but just because she's got lots
Of other things on her mind like what time One Stop's
Open so we can make some late night Quorn hot dogs
Like me, see, she's got a wonky body clock
Sometimes it's tomorrow before she nods off
With her it's non-stop, she makes night brighter than the daytime
Utilises every second on the clock
We've got a lot in common - great minds
So we often say the same lines at the same time
She's the alto counterpoint to my bassline
I knew she had soul when I heard it through the grapevine
Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield
Bill Withers, Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield
She'll spin vinyl, and I like the things she plays
I'm acquiring a taste for the the finer things of late
She'll listen to bebop from 1958
Coleman, Coltrane, Tyner, Mingus, Davis
I'd find them in her playlist, that's when I'd begin to say
This is too good to be true; it's like I've been to Vegas
The way that I've hit the jackpot, it's nice to think I've made it
Light of my life, when she's shining, it's amazing
My spine was tingling ages once my eyes had seen her face
Because her smile's an invitatition to a better place
Let us celebrate


With her monogamy is never monotony
She's got lots of opinions which she expresses honestly
She dresses modestly, but knows she's sexy (obviously)
Talks filthy but still says every letter properly
She's got a Monopoly on me, hot property
But she knows well that a posh hotel is not for me
She'll pop an e but never have a pop at me
For being drug free because she's seen me when I'm ugly
Acting abominably and she still loves me phenomenally
When I go wrong, I just follow her lead
Come along with me, she says, because I wanna sleep together
So we throw our overcoats on and leave for heaven


She's into literature, in particular, De Bernières
Firmly aware that living's all about the journey there
She isn't into girly affairs like perming her hair
But it's sweet, she still sleeps with her first teddy bear
And when it's early, she wears no make up, and has puffy eyes
But I find it a great look because she's mine
She looks fine with her hair tied up or even better down
I swear that no-one looks better in a dressing gown
She's so giggly that her nose goes wrinkly
Simply because I've been up to bring her a drink, you see
I'm into coffee, she likes a hot cup of tea
That's one of the few topics on which we do not agree
She watches old films, ticks ones off she hasn't seen
Her guilty pleasure's reading gossip magazines
Now I often have a real problem with what I can believe
But seeing her, there's not a chance I'm dreaming


She's certainly the one for me
Man I really adore her
So I'm perching on my knee
And I'm kneeling before her
Six months' salary
On the ring that I've bought her
I ask her "Will you marry me?"
And she says "Dan, of..."

[Alarm clock going off]
Errr no, for Pete's sake
I had the girl of my dreams and wasn't even awake

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