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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 2:52
It's been ages since I made a tune this raw
But it's time to draw a line in the music hall
I'm fed up of what's not got in the news reports
Daily slayings, flayings, what do they do this for?
Planes drop bombs on those with no food or water
Ha, even Sun Tzu never knew such war
They changed the rules so this behavior's duly lawful
The human form's morphed to become truly awful
There's apathy from who's not involved but soon we all will
And when it happens to your family, perhaps that's when you'll be thoughtful
A newly orphaned you mourns for the time
You could have given a shit who was led to the slaughter
Mutilated with new forms of brutal torture
Just for living on one side of a stupid border
Who'd have thought the conspiracies of a new world order
Were actually true? Cos me and you are all just

Guilty, guilty
Not caring quite enough

The blame doesn't lay just on governments and militants
The population's got the plague of indifference
And nowadays how can you claim ignorance
When you've got the wide world at your fingertips?
A single click can lead the way to a million hits
But we need to change a Twitter status to a physical thing
Quit the wishful thinking, sitting like an invalid
And stop being a clicktivist, get up and light the tindersticks
Don't just sit through Shoah, Night and Fog and Schindler's List
Things are happening this minute while you reminisce
Ring your politicians, make them say they'll follow wishes
And if they break their promise take away their office quick, they're


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